Center for Social Services in the Community “Our House”

Project “Center for Support of Relatives and Relatives Caring for Children and Young People with Complex Needs”, Aksakovo Municipality, Bulgaria.

The “Our House” Foundation is implementing the project from November 2022. Within the framework of the project, a support center for families from the municipality was created in the center of the town of Aksakovo. The center works with families of children with special educational needs and children with disabilities.

The main activities are:

  • Early intervention consultations with parents of young children at risk of developmental difficulties;
  • Mutual aid groups for loved ones and relatives of children and young people with disabilities, joint activities for parents and children;
  • Events and trainings with specialists on topics suitable for families with children with disabilities;
  • Advice on social and health rights and support services for children and families;
  • Consultations regarding support and stimulation of children’s development for parents and relatives of children with disabilities;

See more about the upcoming activities in the events and trainings section.

The project is aimed at relatives who provide care (informal care in a home environment). In addition, there should be exchange, collaboration and peer consultation with decision-makers, professionals, affected/experienced persons, relatives and volunteers from other organizations and institutions.

The project is aimed at supporting parents and relatives of young people with multiple disabilities – 30 relatives caring for young people with multiple disabilities (ages 0 to 30) living in the territory of Aksakovo municipality who do not have or have limited access to appropriate services. Many of them have limited access to services located mainly in larger cities and regional centers; with limited access to information about: education, social care for and rights of people with disabilities; families in financial and life crisis whose children are at risk of placement outside the home.


Address of the center:
Center for social services in the “Our House” community, Aksakovo
Address: Aksakovo, Georgi Petleshev St. 37a
Project coordinator: Antoineta Ivanova
Tel. 0898 756838
email: info@ourhouse.fondation